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Brownstone Outpost

Brownstone Lake Fly in outpost cabin
  • Remote Fly in Fishing and Hunting in Canada
  • Luxury Fly in Outpost Cabin in Ontario

    Located 74 miles north of our Red Lake, Ontario float base, this is one of our top quality outpost cabins for large groups.

    Superior Walleye, Northern Pike and Perch Fishing.

Brownstone Lake Fly in Fishing

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Brownstone will provide you some of the greatest fishing action found anywhere in Northwest Ontario. In addition, it offers two short portage-in lakes, abundant with Walleye and Northern Pike for those of you who like to be a little bit adventurous. As with our other remote fly-in fishing locations, this Canadian Fly in Outpost is the only cabin on the lake.

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Deluxe Pine Interior Fishing Lodge

In line with the deluxe accommodations at our other fully modern fly in fishing cabins, this beautiful two bedroom outpost features a knotty pine interior and large windows overlooking Brownstone Lake. It also has extras such as a screened in deck, indoor bathroom and a beautiful sand beach.

Brownstone Fly in Outpost Camp has it all!

Incoming rapids on the North shore and outgoing waterfalls on the east shore, plenty of islands and rocky shores for walleye and countless shallow weedy bays for those large northern. This dark water lake is approximately 4 miles long and generally runs 10-30 feet in depth.

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More Details about Brownstone Lake Outpost Cabin

  • Occupancy: 4 – 10 persons
  • Lake Size: 4 miles in length
  • Lake Width: 1 miles across at widest spot
  • Maximum depth: 60 feet
  • Mean depth: 10-30 feet
  • Access: 74 miles by floatplane
  • Sport fish: Walleye, Northern Pike and Perch.
  • Portage lake: Kakipik River (2 boats)
  • Portage Lake: Little Brownstone Lake (one large boat)
  • Walleye, Northern Pike and Perch fishing on Portage Lakes
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  • Large modern 2 bedroom cabin sleeps 10 people comfortably
  • Large screened in deck with a large open deck overlooking the lake
  • Screened in Fish Cleaning House with running water
  • Indoor plumbing and toilet.
  • Satellite Telephone at all outposts.
  • Solar and Generator equipped
  • C-pap outlets in bedrooms
  • Large Bar-b-que and fish cooker on deck.
  • 14 foot Lund boats with 9.9 Yamaha’s
  • Staple foods included at all our cabins