Walleye, Pike & Bass Fishing Tips

How To Fish For Walleye

Some good fishing techniques for walleye include back trolling with a slip-sinker rig baited with a minnow or casting a leadhead tipped with a minnow. Read more on back-trolling and other ways to consistently catch walleye. A location worth trying is a flowing inlet from an adjacent lake or marsh. The minor currents attract bait-fish […] Read more

What Do Northern Pike Eat?

If you have ever considered a trip to a remote Fly in Fishing area in Northwestern Ontario, you might wonder; what do Northern Pike eat? Northern Pike are at the top of the food chain in most lakes and they just about eat anything. Walleyes, Chubs, Perch, Bass, Shiners, Frogs, Snakes, Birds, Bugs and other […] Read more

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