How to Consistently Catch Walleye!

Fishing methods to catch walleye are more varied in summer than in any other time of year.

Troll The Lake To Locate The Walleye

Back trolling with a slip-sinker rig or using a small jig with spinner is the best means of locating fish. Begin your fishing day by using bait-fish, but always carry a few night crawlers or leeches just in case. Use colored beads or a spinner blade in one of the bright fluorescent colors on a hook.

How To Avoid Getting Snags

Sometimes when the fish are using heavy cover such as weed, stumps or even bolders – it may be necessary to use a slip-bobber rig when you are getting lots of snags.

Find Deep Pools When River Fishing Walleye

Walleye fishing in the interior rivers of Northwestern Ontario in summer is consistently best in the deep pools.

Working a slip-sinker rig or a leadhead tipped with a night crawler or plastic lure during low light periods will usually end with fish on the stringer. Minnows and leeches also work well for walleye.

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