Canada Customs

Some of the first questions asked by anyone that are considering a trip to Canada are as follows.

  1. What should I bring?
  2. What kind of fishing tackle?
  3. What about clearing Canadian Customs?

In response to these questions I have put together a quick list covering the important issues:

Canadian Custom Clearing Tips

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: With the increased security procedures since 911 it is important that everyone has proper identification when crossing the border. Make sure that everyone in your party has in their possession a copy of a valid PASSPORT.


• If you are traveling with children other than you own be sure you obtain a written note from both the parents stating their permission to be in your care and guardianship. The border crossing into Canada is flowing as well as ever but they may spot check or ask for proper ID. Drivers licenses and other ID could hold you up as they check for the validity of this information.

• You can bring additional alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, but make sure to claim the actual amount. You will be charged duty and taxes, but it will still remain less expensive than if you purchased them in Canada. Whatever you do, don’t try to smuggle the additional amount across the border. It is not worth it.

• If traveling with children other than immediate family, have a signed letter of permission from both parents.

• When clearing customs for entry into Canada, remember to answer the questions politely and precisely. Don’t try to be funny, cute or clever. They don’t appreciate improper attitudes that often lead to delays, when they decide to check you out in response to the answer to their questions.

• Always be honest to their questions.

• Customs is usually no problem once you answer their questions. They have a job to do and if asked to pull over and they check you, don’t feel like you are being singled out for some reason. They do periodic checks, and you never know when it could be you. Be cooperative and it should go smoothly and quickly.

• If for some reason you have a problem that you feel should not have happened, please report it immediately upon arrival at Excellent Adventures. We report such incidents to the proper authorities for inquiry and will help to stop these incidents from happening to others.

Detailed Customs Information

  • LIQUOR – Each person of legal drinking age is allowed to bring across one case of beer or one 40 oz. bottle of hard liquor without paying duty.
  • CIGARETTES – Each adult over the age of 16 may bring across one carton of cigarettes (200).
  • GROCERIES – Each person a allowed to bring a reasonable amount of groceries for their stay.
  • PETS – Cats and dogs may enter with a written rabies vaccine certificate dated within the last 6 months.
  • HANDGUNS – Handguns are prohibited. Radar Detection equipment is illegal in Canada
  • AMMUNITION – Visitors to Canada may import 200 rounds of ammunition for hunting purposes free of duty and tours.
  • DUTY FREE SHOPS – Duty free shops are tax free stores in our area that waive federal and state tax. These may be used if you have not purchased the cigarettes or liquor that is allowed over the border.
  • OTHER INFORMATION – Seat belts must he worn at all times. Radar detection devices are illegal.
  • CREDIT CARDS – Most American credit cards and principal bank cards are honored in Canada, (VISA is most widely accepted in Canada).
  • HEALTH INSURANCE – It’s recommended that visitors to Canada obtain traveler health insurance before leaving the U.S.- health plan’s often do not extend coverage for services received outside the country of residence – Visitors may find they have either no health insurance or inadequate coverage when in Canada.
  • HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL SERVICES . Canadian hospital and medical services are excellent. but rates vary, so Traveler’s health insurance is recommended. Visitors taking medicine prescribed by a doctor should bring a copy of the prescription in case it needs to be renewed.
  • Re-entering the U.S.

  • 48 HOURS OR LESS – If you were is Canada for 48 hours or less, you may bring back $25.00 or less back to the U.S. duty free.
  • OVER 48 HOURS – If you can document your stay in Canada exceeded 48 hours, you may bring back $400,00 in purchases tax free.
  • TOBACCO AND ALCOHOL- – If you are eligible for the $400.00 exemption, you may bring back one carton of cigarettes or 200 cigars regardless of your age. If you are 21 years of age or older, you may bring back 1 litre (33.8 oz.) of alcoholic beverage, if it is for your own use or a gift.
  • WILDLIFE AND FISH – Fish may be imported according to the possession limits shown on your Canadian an fishing license. A patch of skin must be left on all fillets. Fish must be packaged flat (2 fillets per puck. age). Fish may not be transported by other than the licensee, even if the transporter has the fish and license of another.
  • All big game must he accompanied by a Canadian Export Permit.
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