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Fishulo Canada Fishing Trip To Cat Island

The guys at Fishulo are well known Canadian adventure experts, providing the handy Adventure Match system to help you find the perfect lodge to suit your personal fishing or hunting preferences.

Keepers Off the Dock - Cat Island Lodge

We were happy to have them visit Cat Island Lodge, our All Inclusive American Plan fishing and hunting resort on Trout Lake, a short flight into the Canadian wilderness north of Red Lake, Ontario.

Joe Thimm described “a lodge with fishing so impressive, you don’t even have to leave the dock to catch your next trophy!”

Fishulo Canadian Adventure Fishing Trip

Keepers… Off the Dock!

“Walleye and Pike MUCH bigger than the fish we were currently drooling over!

In fact, what we didn’t realize is that catching big fish would be the easy part.

The challenging part was catching walleye small enough to eat for shore lunch!”

“One thing that sets this lodge apart is the sheer size, health, and consistency of the fish.”

– Joe Thimm

Joe Thimm - Fishulo Fishing Trip to Cat Island Lodge