Fly In Fishing

Luxury Fly in Fishing in Ontario Canada!

Why Our Fisheries Are So Abundant

Our remote fly in lakes are located in the Ear Falls and Red Lake areas of Northwestern Ontario’ Sunset Country.

Each of our lakes have rivers running through them – providing the lower levels of the food chain with a never ending supply of nutrients.

The nutrients feed the bugs and the invertebrates which feed our predatory game fish. All in all, our fisheries support more fish per acre and grow fish faster because our fisheries provide more access to the basic foods that are the foundation of the food chain.

Decades Of Fisheries Management

In addition to ideal conditions for idea fish growth, we established our fish conservation policies in 1990. We found these fisheries to be in very excellent shape at that time. We insure that harvest levels in each fishery are much lower than the fisheries annual fish production rate. We monitor fish harvested each season.

By returning all trophies since we acquired the fisheries in 1990, our fisheries quickly reached fish production and fish populations that matched historical levels.

Headwaters, our trophy lake, has a consumption only policy in effect since 1970 when it was licensed for Fly in Fishing in Ontario Canada. Your Sport License allows you to take smaller fish home for a feed if you want.

Today, and for the past twenty years, our fisheries are producing mature trophy fish at or near historical levels.

Excellent Adventures can truly offer you access to fisheries
that are as good now as they were in the beginning of time.

These are carefully preserved and managed fisheries and modern, well equipped, well appointed, comfortable outposts on virtually private, remote lakes – creates the best fly in fishing in Ontario Canada.

All the lakes are large enough to keep you busy for your stay but small enough as not to get lost on and all have a variety of bottom conditions to explore.

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