How To Catch Your Limit Of Perch

Starting With The Right Tackle For Catching Perch

Tips on how to catch your limit of Perch: Lindy rigs, jigs and slip floats, crappie spreader rigs and the tips below will help you catch your limit of Perch.

These rigs are designed to present live bait to Perch in the most effective means possible.

When fishing large basin area Lindy rigs work great.

These rigs can effectively be fished vertically to cover lots of water while drifting.

How To Use The Lindy Rig for Perch Fishing

Water Temperature and Bait Selection

Baits for tipping these rigs vary depending on the water temperature!

When fishing for Perch in the spring we find that minnows work the best in cold water.

Nightcrawlers become more productive bait for Perch as waters warm beyond the mid-fifty degree mark.

Perch are schooling fish which tend to roam open water areas during early summer in search of emerging weeds, insects and bait fish.

In the early spring when the waters are still cold is the best time to cast from shore to catch Perch that are hanging around the earliest growing weeds.

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