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Licenses and Firearms

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Hunting License. A hunting license is needed in addition to a moose tag. A license issued by any state for any year is required as proof of hunting experience for issuance of an Ontario hunting license. We can issue you a hunting license when you arrive only if you are able to present a hunting license issued by Ontario previously or a hunting license issued by another jurisdiction. Do not forget to bring your previous hunting license.

No handguns are allowed in Canada.

Canadian Firearms Centre: A few years ago Canadian legislation passed making gun registration mandatory. This site contains all the information concerning the legislation and the process to registering a firearm.

Canadian Firearm Centre

US Visitors / Hunters Firearm Registration form – This legislation requires non-resident hunters to register their firearms when entering with a firearm. It requires filling out a form in triplicate prior to arrival at the border and paying the $50.00 fee. – do not sign the forms until the inspection officer requires the signature.

The Form – Canadian Firearms JUS 909E

Information Visitors to Canada

Ministry of Natural Resources: Looking for fish & game regulations, parks, forests and other related information in ON?

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resource – home page

Ontario fishing Regulations

Ontario hunt Regulations

Other related publications

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