Boat & Motors

We realize that a boat and motor is one of the most important components of any Fly in Fishing trip.

During our years as lodge owners, we have heard many horror stories about fishing trips being ruined with improper equipment.

Poorly maintained motors cause breakdowns and a lost day of fishing time. Dirty, leaking boats cause discomfort and dissatisfaction.

Therefore it is essential that the boats and motors be of the best quality possible. At Cat Island Lodge we give the assurance of complete satisfaction by supplying our guests with the best available in boats, motors and associated equipment.

The Following Equipment Is Standard On Our Boats:

  • Comfortable swivel bass boat seats
  • CSA approved life jackets
  • Paddles
  • Landing Net
  • Minnow Bucket
  • Ice Coolers
  • Daily Shore Lunch Box and Skillet
Canadian fishing lodge boats


American Plan Deluxe Boats

Deluxe Boats On Our Fly-in American Plan Fishing Trip

Cat Island Lodge comes complete with the best equipment available. Our equipment is top notch, we run 16 &18 foot deep hull Alumarine boats. These boats have proven over the years to be the most comfortable to fish from and can handle the bigger Canadian waters with ease.

For guests who choose Plan #1, the Super Deluxe guided package, we offer 18ft deep hull Alumarine boats with 40hp, 4 stroke, Yamaha outboard motors for a quiet trouble free day on the lake.

For Guests on plan #2, we have 16 ft deep hull Alumarine boats with 20hp or 25hp, 2 stroke Yamaha engines. And don’t worry you can upgrade to a larger boat if available.

Another reason why your Canadian fly in fishing trip will be a complete success, we pride ourselves in the quality of our equipment.

  • Boats on the Plan #1 are 18ft – wide beam – heavy aluminum – deep hull Alumarine boats, powered by 40hp, 4 stroke Yamaha engines. Boats for Plan #2 are16 ft, with 20hp or 25hp 2 stroke Yamaha engines.
  • Motors are regularly maintained for maximum dependability, efficiency, and performance.
  • Motors start, idle, and troll dependably, ensuring the best in a day of fishing.
  • Boats are equipped with comfortable swivel bass boats seats.
  • Boats comfortably accommodates 3 persons.
  • Boats are kept extremely clean and are cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Boats are dry (no leaks) if a leak is confirmed it is repaired or replaced with another boat
  • Your Deluxe Fly-in American Plan Fishing Trip comes complete with plenty of gasoline.


Our pledge to our guests is to furnish such equipment to the best of our ability!

If you have any little problem – please let us know about it so we can have everything corrected before the next guests arrive!

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Remote Fly-in Outposts

Boats & Motors At Our Remote Fly in Outpost Lakes

Your fishing trip comes complete with the best equipment available. Try out our new Yamaha 10hp motors, they are super quiet, start easily and troll like a dream.

Each of our Remote Outposts are furnished with plenty of gasoline. The boats are kept very clean and free of leaks.

Your Canadian fishing trip to Excellent Adventures will be a complete success!

One of the secrets to a good Canadian fishing trip is the quality of your boat and motor and the ease of starting, trolling, and handling it throughout the day.

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