Important: Ask us about NEW Fishing Limits on some lakes!

Our Consumption-Only Policy In Effect Since 1970

We will introduce you to the Conservation Policies that have grown this ideal fish habitat into fisheries that are as good now as they were in the beginning of time!

Sumach Lake – adheres to a strict no trophies out policy with Conservation limits being allowed to take home on all lakes.

Headwaters – Consume and Catch and Release. No trophies out.  Take home Conservation limits on all lakes.

Brownstone – adheres to a strict no trophies out policy with Conservation limits being allowed to take home on all lakes.

Fish Handling Tips

All lakes are offered on the understanding that no trophies are taken out of any of our lakes. We provide you with fish handling tips that will help you become a pro at catch and release and get a fantastic picture of your trophy as well!

Catch And Release In One Minute

A fish can stay out of water without injury for about as long as you can hold your breath. Try to land, measure, photograph and release your fish within one minute to increase the survival rate of these majestic fish.

Voluntary Catch and Release Sizes

The policies that we voluntarily promote are as follows:

  • Live release of all but one Walleye over 18″
  • Live Release of all but one Lake Trout over 25″ – 22″ after Sept 1.
  • Live Release of all Northern Pike over 27″
  • Trophy mounts are reproduced with replica mounts and are far superior to skin mounts.
  • Practice proper fish handling techniques.

Our Canadian Fly in Fishing in the Red Lake Ontario area – has an edge over most fisheries.

When you visit one of our fly-in lakes, you are most likely to be the only fisherman on the waters. Despite this, we have to practice conservation to insure the continuing success of our fishery.

We encourage you to return trophies and larger fish to the lake so they can spawn again.

The larger the fish, the greater the amount of spawn. The larger the fish, the chance that its genes will produce other trophy fish.

Female fish choose strong males to be their spawning partner. Stronger, larger female fish often pair with larger stronger males. While this is not a firm rule, it is often the case. Please handle fish to be released with care to insure their survival.

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Trophy Fish – Catch, Photograph, Release

As far as trophies go, its strictly CPR, “Catch, Photograph and Release” on all of our lakes. Needless to say you must observe the fishing regulations to the letter of the law. Each outpost may have other specific restrictions.

The goal of our Conservation “No Trophies Home” fishing policy is to release the larger breeding size fish, while allowing take home limits of quality size fillets. This program promotes natural reproduction and development of a trophy class fishery.

It has been proven that the secret to sustained good fishing is the number of breeding fish available for reproduction each year. Protecting the larger fish promotes just such a condition.

Our goal is to provide our guests with an exceptional fishing trip that they will remember for years to come. As it has often been said, “memories are made of things like this”.

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