Fish Limits and Regulations

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Here are some Fish Limits and Regulations and Fishing License Fees that may help you plan out a few details before you begin your Fly-in fishing trip to Canada!

Ministry of Natural Resources – Size and Limit Regulations

  • Walleye – Possession Limits – Opens 3rd Sat May
  • 4 walleye possession limit – Regular license
  • 2 walleye possession limit -Conservation license
  • Northern Pike – Possession Limits – Open all year.
  • 4 Northern possession limit – Regular license
  • 2 Northern possession limit – Conservation license
  • Lake Trout – Possession Limits – Jan 1 to Sept 30
  • 2 Lake Trout possession limit – Regular license
  • 1 Lake Trout possession limit – Conservation license

We Can Help with Non-Resident License Fees

  • Regular Seasonal Fishing License
  • Conservation Seasonal Fishing License
  • 7-Day Regular Fishing License
  • 7-Day Conservation Fishing License
  • Small Game Hunting License
  • Moose Hunting License
  • Bear Hunting License

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We encourage the increasingly popular practice of “No Trophies Home” which will keep out waters productive for years to come – All trophy fish at (and over) these weights must be carefully and immediately returned to the water after landing.

* NOTE: Trophy fish may be kept only if the angler chooses to have it mounted. However, we highly recommend releasing the fish and ordering a long-lasting graphite replica. Let the next generation enjoy what we have.

* Take a quick photo and measure their length, but do not put the fish on a stringer or delay its return to the water in any way. More Fish Handling Tips

  • Walleye 6 lbs. – 25.5 inches – 15 yrs old
  • Northern 10 lbs. – 36 inches – 15yrs old
  • Lake Trout 10 lbs. – 30 inches – 20 yrs old
  • Bass 3.5 1bs. – 15 inches – 07 yrs old
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