No Trophies Home

Our fishing is simply World Class.

When we began managing our lakes over twenty years ago, policies were implemented to preserve the productivity of our fisheries. While guests are allowed to bring limits home from most of our lakes they must pay attention to the specific lake policies.

All of our lakes have a strict ‘No Trophies Home’ policy to insure our fisheries remain the quality that makes our guests return year after year.

This also includes the conservation policies of ‘Catch and Release, consumption of smaller fish only’ at our Headwaters Trophy Outpost.

Catch your trophy, photograph it and release it.

Our “No Trophies Home” policy has preserved our fishery since 1990 and explains why our fishing is so good.

The trophy fish provide their genes to the next generation, while you can still take home a Conservation Limit of eater-sized fish!

This process of selective breading insures that the next generation of fish are bigger and stronger!

All these lakes are the best habitat for game fish. They all have a river slowly flowing through them and the constant supply of water delivers the nutrients that support the food chain that in turn feeds the fish with a never ending supply of prey.

These ideal fish growing conditions with our No Trophies Home Policy are why our fishing is simply World Class.

Today with our policies that the trophy fish are returned to the waters unharmed and the spawning population of female fish will grow it assures that these world class lakes maintain there high quality for the next generation of fishermen to enjoy.

We also expect our guest to review and practice proper fish handling to insure that fish returned to the lakes will remain healthy and contribute to next years production.

Have a taxidermist create a fish mount from your photos!

Modern ‘life like’ replicas of your trophy fish can be made by today’s expert taxidermists from a good photograph and just taking two measurements.

Take the Fishing Trip of a Lifetime!
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