Northern Pike

Excellent Adventures and Cat Island Lodge provide fantastic Northern Pike fishing near Ear Falls and Red Lake, Ontario, Canada.

Our carefully managed fisheries can be accessed from remote housekeeping outpost cabins, or fly-in American Plan style fishing camp.

Northern Pike Fishing Tips With Faron

Faron has created a fantastic series of information on how to catch Northern Pike! Watch for new Northern Pike fishing tips throughout the year!

Faron explains important aspects of catching Northern Pike, such as; why the biggest Northern Pike can be found in different places in the lake throughout the spring, summer and fall, and what habitat Pike prefer in different seasons.

He details exactly what techniques and tackle one should be using to catch the big trophy Northern Pike when you come to Canada on a fishing vacation!

Watch for Faron’s Fishing Tips and much more, coming soon to our website!

Remote Fly-in Pike Fishing in Canada

Northern Pike is probably the most exciting fish to catch, and far as game fishing goes in Ontario, Northern Pike are generally the easiest fish to catch. If you know the basics about Pike the bait fish that Northern Pike like to eat, you will provide your family with fishing trip memories they will always remember!

A Teaser of Faron’s Northern Pike Fishing Tips

Where To Find And Catch Northern Pike: In the early spring, work you lures in the shallower, large spawning bays with black mud bottoms. Because these bays warm up the fastest and draw in baitfish and spawning small mouth if they are in your lake. If the pike are not up in the shallows, try casting the edges/drop-off areas at the mouths of these bays. Areas that have current can hold nice pike early in the year, as they will spawn in creeks and small rivers.

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