Smallmouth Bass

Small Mouth Bass Fishing at Sumach Lake

Excellent Adventures and Cat Island Lodge offers an outstanding smallmouth bass fishing lake, Sumach Lake.

Located near Ear Falls and Red Lake, Ontario, Canada, our carefully managed fisheries can be accessed from remote fly in outpost cabins, or fly-in American Plan style fishing camp.

Sumach Lake Fly in Outpost | Five Species of Fish!

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips With Faron

Faron has created a fantastic series of information on how to catch Smallmouth Bass! Watch for seasonal smallmouth bass fishing tips on the blog this summer!

Faron explains important aspects that are unique to catching smallmouth bass, such as why bass fishing changes throughout the spring, summer and fall, and what habitat smallmouth bass prefer in different seasons.

He details exactly what techniques and bass fishing tackle and bait one should be using to catch more smallmouth bass on your next fishing trip to Canada!

Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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Summer Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips

Read Faron’s Fishing Tips to learn more about fishing for smallmouth bass in the wilderness of Ontario!

Smallmouth Bass: Pound For Pound – More Fight Than The Average Fish!

Smallmouth Bass Fishing with Excellent Adventures: Smallmouth Bass, pound-for-pound, puts up a fight that rivals any freshwater game fish – and no other fish jumps out of the water like a Smallmouth Bass when hooked! Its hard to beat the thrill of the fight of one of these scrappers.

Where To Find Smallmouth Bass

Rock shoals and drop off points are the best places to find these frisky predators. Deeper water where the concentration of feeder fish are most abundant also is a great spot to find them generally. A depth finder is really helpful in finding the best structure for the bass, remembering you are looking for shoals or drop offs from the points.

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