Moose Hunting


Reserve Your Moose Hunt for the 2024 Season Now!

Have you ever seen a bull moose moving swiftly through the forest? Would you like to?

That experience and more can be yours! At Excellent Adventures, we pride ourselves on knowing that we have some of the best moose hunting locations, accommodations and experiences available.

Excellent Adventures has been providing successful Moose Hunts for over 30 years! Early each fall, well before the season begins, we fly in to our moose camps to check for water levels and beach access, and to survey the general condition of our campsites. As we fly over we check the water levels of nearby ponds, marshes, lakes and rivers. We also look for moose.

These informal moose sightings support our belief and our confidence that the moose population is being sustained at a healthy level, year after year. No one hunts in these areas but Excellent Adventures guests.

We hunt on lakes with a proven history of success: 75% of all groups see or kill a moose. The overall success average in Ontario is about 30%. However, weather conditions can control the movement of moose on any given day. As hunters and outfitters we can only do our best by taking you to productive sites with professional guides. These are very remote areas. There are no roads, no cabins, no moose hunting pressure. We have held the exclusive permits for these lakes for many years.

Excellent Adventures offers both bull and cow tags. Tags are given on a first come, first served basis. We are allocated a certain number of moose tags per season from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. When you book a hunting trip with us, your tag is guaranteed and put under your name.


Deluxe Tent Camps

Deluxe tent camps are set up prior to your arrival for a comfortable stay. Hunting locations are based on their isolation, habitat, and accessibility.

What's Included in Deluxe Tent Camps?
  • Large tents with wood stoves
  • Canvas floors
  • Thick mattresses on cots
  • Separate kitchen tent or tarped area
  • Propane cooking stove and oven
  • Coleman lanterns
  • Generator
  • Saws
  • Firewood
  • Boats equipped with cushions, paddles, nets, motors, gas
  • All utensils, propane cooking stove with oven

Brownstone and Sumach Outpost Cabins

Outpost Cabin locations are not as remote as the tent camps but you are still the only people hunting in the area. Please click a button to refer to specific pages for more details on what each cabin offers. Fishing rates are shown on the outpost pages, should there be anglers in your party.

What's Included at the Outpost Cabins?
  • Fully furnished cabin on isolated lake 
  • Refrigerator and deep freezer
  • Propane BBQ and fish cooker
  • Wood stove with firewood
  • Wireless internet access
  • Generator and solar panel system
  • Indoor toilets
  • Hot and cold water for showers

Our years of commitment and experience in offering these hunts and our history of happy guests speak for themselves. It is our goal to see that you will get the best hunting and the best service that can be offered. Your success is our success.