Do Smallmouth Bass Like Artificial Bait Or Live Bait?

Artificial Bait Or Live Bait?

Some days on your fishing trip to Canada, you may find smallmouth bass will not hit not matter what you throw at them, they will be hard to find. That’s when you have to switch and use live bait which usually works all the time.


How To Catch Bass With Live Bait

Using a bass hook and put on a big earth-worm. Cast over top of a shoal or the shores edge and let the worm slowly sink. Let the worm dangle off the hook. Use light line like 4 or 6 pound test so you can cast farther. When doing this you generally don’t have to use any weight at all or very little.

You can use a minnow or crayfish if you want also. As it sinks down a couple of feet you gently reel the worm in towards you until it hits the surface then let it sink down again.


Make sure you pull it very slowly and gently letting it sink and then pulling it to the surface again and again until the bass hit. It’s best not to use any weight even if you find it frustrating to cast.

You can also use a small float about 2 feet up from the bait to cast out and draw back. Another poplar method is to let the live minnow drop strait down from the boat using none or just a small weight.

  • Jerry L Williams ,

    Caught all of our Smallmouths on leeches.

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