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Great for the Kids – Fishing for Perch from Shore

This Is the Best Way to Fish for Perch from the Shore

When taking your kids on a remote Canadian Fly-in Fishing trip, make plans to fish from shore or around shallow rocky areas. Try a 1/16 oz Fuzz-E-Grub in crawfish color.

These work great. Tip the Fuzz-E- Grub with two small pieces of night crawlers and work the jig with a slow horizontal motion. Drag the jig across the bottom slowly.


Fuzz-E-Grub with night crawlers look like tasty crawfish.

The Night Crawler Is Irresistible to Perch!

The jig, with its two trailing crawler pieces, resembles a crawfish crawling across the bottom.

The action of the Fuzz-E-Grub tail, along with the scent and added action of the night crawler, is irresistible to perch.

In addition, the noise of by the jig dragging across rocks mimics the sound and vibration of a crawfish which is sure to attract predator fish even in murky waters.

Fishing for Perch from shore is the best way to ensure you successfully catch fish and great way to introduce kids to fishing.