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Walleye Behavior During Spawning

As the end of February nears each year, the crew of Excellent Adventures and Cat Island Lodge are already preparing for spring and planning for fishing at our remote fly-in lakes around the Ear Falls and Red Lake areas of Northwestern Ontario.

Wonder What Walleye Are Doing?

As the ice goes off the lakes and rivers, and the water warms, walleye begin to move out of deep water winter habitats.

Spawning is the main objective, and the fish migrate toward their traditional spawning grounds. Movement can be over a short distance in small lakes.

Walleye spawn when the water temperature ranges from 42 degrees to 52 degrees F. Fishing is invariably poor during this period. The best Walleye behavior during spawning, when it comes to catching Walleye, is some male fish that move around the actual spawning sites.

After spawning is completed, Walleye move out of these areas.

fishing the river mouth - walleye shore lunch

Some of the males remain at the spawning site, probably anticipating later spawning females. Fishing in the post-spawn is difficult because of this dispersal and the fact that they have gone through something that traumatizes them.

This resting period lasts anywhere from one to three weeks and feeding is slow, especially for the females.

Catch Walleye Any Time

You CAN catch walleye at almost any time when seasons are open!

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Give us a call for expert help in matching your fishing style to the time of year and water conditions that are unique for this area of Ontario’s Sunset Country.