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Northern Pike Tackle Tips From
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Top 5 Tackle Tips For Northern Pike Fishing

One of the first questions asked by our guests is – What is the best fishing tackle?

Of course this is followed by a list of other questions such as – What kind of rod & reels are best to use? What are the top lures? What size lures? What colors are best? What size monofilament line should I use? And the list goes on.

On this page we will answer questions about the top equipment and offer proven tackle tips. However this is simply a suggestion and testing these fishing tips and tackle recommendations is up to you, while you are on the lake fishing.

Below we provide good information on the top 5 most popular lures and the best fishing they are commonly used for.


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Fishing Rods:

We advise fishermen to bring along the rod and reels they feel comfortable with using. Casting & spinning are the most popular and top rated, but we can see here that fly fishing for Northern Pike is also an effective way to catch a trophy!

Medium to light action rods get good reviews, they allow the best action and good hook setting ability. Ultra light rods may also be used for northern pike, but hook sets are more difficult but offer tons of action once the fish is hooked.

Pike caught on a fly rod in Big Rock Bay on Trout Lake,
near Ear Falls, Ontario, Canada.





Regardless of the manufacturer or type of reel, always ensure that the reel has a good drag system that allow smooth release of the line throughout the range of the reels drag setting & allows for easy setting of the drag.
If the reel has jerky or erratic release points or is difficult to set, consider the purchase of a new reel. The real need not be expensive, selecting one of the top 10 reels in your local bait shop is all you need. The drag is the most important part. Our guests land big fish with light equipment but it always comes down to proper drag setting while fighting the fish.


Line & line test:

6# to 10# test seem to be the most popular fishing line, 8# is a good choice. For casting with larger lures, some guests have a second rod equipped with 14# to 17# line.

Once again, the drag setting is important, set the reel for the line test, the line must release before it reaches its breaking point. When BIG fish are hooked, set the drag back a little lighter to allow for the strong immediate force these fish place on your line when they run and dive.

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Suggested Tackle For Northern Pike


Light to medium action rod with a 6# test line.


  • Little Joe spinner, with a 1/4oz in-line sinker in gold, chartreuse, orange, green, white or red.
  • 1/4oz lead head jigs with 2″ twister tails in yellow, smoke, brown, white, chartreuse and black.
  • We highly recommend live bait, minnows, crawlers or leeches when fishing with jigs.
  • Deep diving stick baits such as Rapala’s, Hot to Trots, Hot tiger Black & Silver, Black & Gold Shiners.

    Medium to heavy action rod with a 10-12# test line.


  • Rattle traps, shad, blue, silver and chartreuse.
  • 7″ floating Rapala’s blue, silver, black/silver & chartreuse.
  • Spoons, 4-5″ long in red/white, gold, silver, or strip – Orange daredevils, blue foxes or doctor spoons.
  • Little Cleo’s 3/4oz. In the above colors, gold/silver work the best.
  • Bucktail Mepp’s #4 & #5, dressed or undressed.
  • Large bass spinner baits.

    Doug Peters Headwaters Outpost

    Heavy action rod with a 14# test line.


  • 1/2 to 3/4oz Heddon Sonars, gold, white or silver 1/2oz jigs with 4″ white gist tails.
  • Sutton spoons – Flutter spoons. – All in gold or silver.
  • 3-way swivels and snap swivels to handle 2 to 8oz. weight for late summer fishing Dipsey divers

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    • reply Justin Knox ,

      Thanks for the help. I have not been fishing for Northern Pike in a long time, so I am a little rusty and don’t have the tackle that I need. I wouldn’t have thought that you could use 6# test line. That seems pretty light to me. Do you think it is a safer bet to use at least an 8# line?

      • reply Melvin ,

        Really helpful information. I think that you spend a lot of time to prepare for this. I found many useful tips and advice while reading this blog. I love fishing and almost every week I go for it. Your guides may help me catching more fish. Thanks for your great work!

        • reply Judy Wilson ,

          I liked your tips for the right fishing tackle I should use. Using live bait seems like a good way to attract fish. If I don’t have live bait, I’ll try using a tackle that comes in gold, chartreuse, orange, green, white, or red to help me catch more fish.

          • reply joel ,

            We go up north every year in July/August and every year we hook some large pike and the always get away. Using 10lb test, as soon as we bring them to the boat they see us and with one jerk of the head, they break the line and swim off. This year we’ve loaded up with 17 lb test and steel leaders. They’re not getting away this time!

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