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Trout Fishing Changes with the Season

Fly fishing for Trout is best in the spring because Lake Trout come to the surface with the cooler water temp and are able to be caught about anywhere on small tackle.

Some anglers often call them a bonus fish as you never know where or when you will catch them, but serious fly fishermen say that fly fishing for Trout is the most exciting way to catch Lake Trout.

Lake Trout Fishing Trip in Ontario

This is the case till late June when the waters warm.

In the summer, they are in very deep water and are more of a challenge to find and catch. Vertical jigging or down riggers are the way to go. When you catch one, watch out, the fight out of that water some 60 foot down or more is a thrill one never forgets.

25 Inch Lake Trout Ontario

In August till later in the fall, they start returning again to the shallows for the spawning season and they are at their prime when you catch Lake Trout by fly fishing right off the shallow rocks in which they spawn in September.

The fight Lake Trout give when caught in the fall will amaze the most veteran fly fisherman.

39 Inch Lake Trout