Getting Camps Ready For Bear Hunts

August and September of each year have become a tradition of getting camps ready for Bear Hunts for over twenty years at Excellent Adventures and Cat Island Lodge!

Over a two week period in early August, we are setting up Bear Hunt Camps while flying our Fishing Trip guests out to our luxury remote outpost cabins and our all-inclusive American Plan Fly in Lodge over on Trout Lake, Cat Island Lodge.

Successful Big Game Hunts In Canada

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We have taken the experience we have gained from providing THOUSANDS of Big Game Hunts for Moose and Bear, and created a Hunting Trip Planning Guide to help you get ready for your hunt.

New hunters and experienced hunters are sure to find tips to help increase the success rates of all your hunts!


Getting Ready For Your Bear Hunt

Flying to the remote wilderness in Canada and staying in a Luxury Outpost Camp, our All-Inclusive Cat Island Lodge, or one of the wilderness Tent-Camp locations is a vacation you’ll remember forever – but the success of your Bear Hunt or Moose Hunt comes down to your preparedness for that moment-of-truth.

Your equipment must be ready and tested in advance
– and so must you be.

If you are like most of our Bear Hunters over the years, you know your stuff.  You’ve been excited about this hunt for months, and now you are counting down the days!  You’ve prepared for every part of the trip and double-checked all your gear twice already!

But, no matter how well prepared, many hunters run into some small glitch that puts the success of their hunt at risk!  And after all that preparation, it’s a real disappointment to miss your shot and go home without a trophy.

Our Bear Hunt area is north of Ear Falls and mid-way between Red Lake and Sioux Lookout. This deep remote location in the wilderness is surely a big part in our outstanding success ratio on our Big Game Hunts!

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